Do you sometimes feel like you are just floating through life?
Submerged in unhealthy beliefs or situations?
Not sure you can make a change?
Then you are going to love my charming, relate-able story

Out of the River  by Vicki Dau
A parable of empowerment, freedom and truth
Out of the River
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Out of the River

“‘Out of the Riveris Vicki Dau's touching and powerful book that is a "hand of hope" offered to help others out of their own murky rivers and onto the banks of freedom and love alongside the Giver and Restorer of Life. Vicki tells her story with an honest vulnerability and simplicity, similar to the style of Max Lucado."

Rose Calkins, Author, Publisher, Editor, and
Founder of The DuPage Writers Group

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“‘Out of the River’ provides an inspirational metaphor for our need of redemption and salvation. As we find ourselves

in situations that seem normal and yet are unhealthy, we often scramble to try to make things right. Our efforts remain fruitless as we find that the unhealthy situation is just too big. This book gives us direction and answers in how to begin this process of healing, health and self-advocacy through Jesus Christ.”

Trevor Simpson, LCPC, Youth and Family Therapist,
School Counselor


"This book would be good for anyone trying to pull themselves up out of hardship, eg., from poverty, trauma, or trying circumstances where you feel stuck. A great inspiration & help!"

Dr. Terry Neary, Clinical Psychologist and Certified Addictions Counselor

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Vicki Dau  
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