Stay focused and engaged from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday
Experience the Holiest Season of the Church Year as your family never has before

Our Lenten Activity Book is filled with
Coloring Pages, Word Searches, Matching and More!

+Creative, fun, engaging series of activities that Pre-K through 8th grade will benefit from.

+Beautifully illustrated by the
7th and 8th grade art students
from St. Isidore School in Bloomingdale, IL.
Your children or grandchildren, nieces, nephews can work independently or better yet, along with you.   ORDER YOURS TODAY! 

Quantity discounts available!
10% of profits donated to St. Isidore Fine Arts Department


1-49 books at $5.95 each
50-99 books at $5.75 each


From one busy household to another:
Being a mother of seven and knowing the messages of the media and society don’t
always project the same values my husband and I wanted to bestow upon our children, I welcome every opportunity

to incorporate
to experience
to digest
OUR FAITH into our daily life.


Take the unique opportunity to unite with Christ on his journey to Calvary and experience the hope of the resurrection.  

Isn’t your faith worth investing just minutes a day for 40 days?